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wedding planning, creative event design & styling


bespoke & curated moments of love

my unique approach

In my one-of-a-kind, hands-on approach to plan weddings, MY DAY by LOUISE invites all the couples to embark on this journey together to ensure that the big day is nothing short of perfection and personalisation. My main goal is to make sure your wedding reflects, in the most authentic way, your personality. To achieve that, I will provide an unparalleled level of services and delve deep into the characteristics of your relationship to fully understand your relationship and story. 


From the visual touches to assembling a team of professionals highly dedicated to making your day exceptional:  a chic and joyful celebration of your love. My work revolves around curating a vision that encompasses every aspect that a wedding planner must bear in mind: from the main details down to the smallest personal aspects. Throughout the way, MY DAY by LOUISE will be here to listen, guide, advise and inspire the couples to ensure that they and their guests will live the most unforgettable experience. 


You will have my signature hands-on approach, paired with years of experience in decorating and styling weddings. Let’s start creating your dream wedding. Together.

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destination wedding


Designed for those couples seeking a wedding that is not only beautiful but also deeply personal, with the Full Planning & Event Styling, MY DAY by LOUISE curates bespoke and timeless destination weddings that will be the epitome of celebrations. Our focus is entirely placed on you, as we collaborate and strive to create memories that will last and be treasured for a lifetime - cherished by both you and your loved ones.


We cover every aspect and detail of your destination wedding planning: from choosing the perfect destination and venue to conceptualising fabulous themes and styling, detailed planning, selecting the vendors, managing the couples’ budget as well as floral stationery design, booking hotels for the guests to executing the day in a flawless way… One thing is granted: with MY DAY by LOUISE, the couples will surely have a seamless and stress-free experience when it comes to their wedding planning and the big day itself.



"me and you. just us two"

If you are dreaming of forgoing a traditional wedding and celebrating a romantic and intimate destination elopement wedding, MY DAY by LOUISE is THE answer. 


An elopement wedding with our team of wedding planners means embracing the freedom to design your celebration, whether you aspire it to be a simple affair or an elaborated rendezvous. 

Drawing upon my extensive knowledge of the Portuguese culture, its tradition and eclectic culinary identity together with my wide experience in the wedding universe, MY DAY by LOUISE will deliver an exclusive and awe-inspiring experience. As memorable as the love story you’ve been writing.



à la carte


“À La Carte” is the wedding planning service tailored to those who aspire to design their own wedding but simultaneously seek the savoir faire of a wedding planner to bring their dreamy “Yes, I Do” to life.


Through heartfelt conversations with you, as a couple, MY DAY by LOUISE will immerse in your perspective to envision the ideal design and style. Each fragment of meaningful and inspiring information shared by the couples will pave the planning process. Along the way, I will create an unique vision supported by selected textiles, florals, stationery, gastronomy and entertainment details. I will orchestrate and lead a team of artists, that together are joining forces to deliver the experience you’ve always dreamed of. 


So the couples can fully savour their celebration without worrying about time management, vendors, timelines and other planning-related details, MY DAY by LOUISE offers on-the-day coordination. My mission is to handle your wedding’s logistics. Yours? To enjoy your day to the fullest whilst creating memories with your beloved ones.


à la carte

venue search in the destination of your choice

It’s no secret: Portugal has been emerging as one of the most sought-after Destination Wedding locations in Europe, over the last years. With its picturesque landscapes, magical Mediterranean climate and extensive coastline, basked in long and relaxing sunny days, Portugal is hands-down an idyllic scenario for romantic celebrations.  

Whether you desire a bucolic wedding nestled in the enchanting hills of Sintra or a serene beach ceremony, Portugal offers a diverse array of stunning venues. From historic castles, palaces and fortresses to charming manor houses, the options are undoubtedly as diverse as they are breathtaking. Many of these places, steeped in history dating back to the 12th century, have been converted into luxury boutique hotels, offering impeccable service and unrivalled elegance for the most discerning couples. 

As a wedding planner, based on a detailed brief and agreed-upon budget, MY DAY by LOUISE opens the doors of up to six venues that will perfectly align with your wishes, in every single way. With our know-how, we aim to create authentic events that go beyond your expectations.



floral design

At MY DAY by LOUISE, we like to perceive ourselves as versatile wedding planners, and so the floral decoration takes also part in the spectrum of our expertise. Thus, we are in constant search of elements to enhance our floral designs, in order to imprint the uniqueness of each event and ensure that the couple’s wedding vision is styled perfectly.


Our floral design transcends the traditional floral arrangement seen on wedding tables. We strive to design and create an aesthetic look that not only complements your vision but also creates a seamless harmony with the venue, encapsulating the emotions of the day. 


You will often find me delicately cutting blooms and placing each flower in an arrangement in order to give it a final and personal twist. It’s these little touches that are able to transform ordinary floral displays into remarkable works of art.


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